Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melon Slices

This is one that doesn't make me happy, but I'm not sure what's wrong.  I think that it's because I don't have enough lighter values.  Everything seems sort of mid-range.  I wasn't able to rescue it, but I didn't want to wipe it off, either.  There's a lesson in here somewhere.  Maybe in a few months I'll look at it and be able to "see".

I have been loving everyone's New Year's posts.  Carrie Waller, Crystal Cook, and Kim Rempel all posted their favorite ten paintings for 2010.  Pretty impressive, all three of them.  Carrie posted her goals for 2011--specific and written down, just as the experts say you should!

I started my blog in June 2010, and I noticed that I made 68 posts for those seven months.  That's about ten per month.  I didn't really have a goal when I started, other than a vague one that I wanted to learn to paint.  I've realized how much these studies have helped me improve, so I'm setting a goal of painting four times a week.  That would be over 200 paintings in 2011.  Kind of scares me to put it in writing!


  1. This is a lovely painting of cantelope Virgina. You are right, the continuous painting stretches us as artists like nothing else can...good luck with your goal, you can do it!

  2. You can definitely paint 200 paintings this year!! You are on your way with this lovely cantelope painting. Well done!

  3. Happy New Year!

    4 paintings a week is totally possible! Just keep at it and before you know it you will fly by your goal of 200 paintings in 2011!

  4. Ces objectifs sont impressionnants effectivement lorsque l'on reporte cela sur une année !
    J'aime ta composition le thème est très réussi !
    j'aime beaucoup.

  5. Objectif audacieux... mais il est bon de mettre haut la barre pour s'y tenir...
    En ce qui me concerne, je sais que je ne parviens pas à peindre au-delà d'une toile par mois et ... ouf quand j'y arrive!
    Il faut laisser votre melon mûrir dans un petit coin et revenir le voir dans quelques jours. Je pense que lorsqu'on travaille trop longtemps sur une toile, l'oeil est fatigué. Dans quelques temps vous allez l'aimer davantage. Cette toile est très jolie et les teintes douces me plaisent beaucoup.
    Bisous et vite au travail!!!

  6. Elizabeth, I'm thrilled that you visited! I admire your paintings so much!

  7. Cath, thank you for visiting. I hope I can keep to a schedule to make that goal!

  8. Maritine-Allison, my paintings are really small studies. Yours are large and very detailed. And very beautiful, I might add! There is no way I could paint 200 paintings on the scale of yours, either! At this point I believe it's better for me to paint small and have some successes than to paint large and be disappointed. It keeps me going.

  9. Virginia cudos on your goal. You can do it. It is amazing how much fun and how much things change with painting often. I love your cantelope. You should mark it and paint the same one after a year. Wouldn't that be fun.