Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Hillside (# 9 after Kevin MacPherson)

(12 X 16 Oil on stretched canvas)

I bought a new book!  It's "Landscape Painting Inside & Out" by Kevin MacPherson.   If you've seen his book, you'll recognize that this is his cover painting.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it, and just had to try to paint it.

I think this is my favorite painting so far.  I just loved those fields of yellow and gold!

A friend was looking at my paintings and remarked, "Your favorite color is orange, isn't it?"  Looking at them with her, I could see a lot of orange!  It's not my favorite really...if asked, I'd say yellow.

One of my earliest memories involving color is from when I was in about the third grade.  My mother bought me a new chenille bedspread (remember those?) in a buttery yellow.  I remember being aware that it made my whole room seem filled with sunshine.

But  I really love all warm colors.   Those are the paintings I'm drawn too, and even the choices I make in my clothes.

I don't own anything that's blue...not in my clothes or in my house.  Not that I don't see the beauty of blues.  It's just that when I start making personal selections, I always choose warm colors.

A friend of mine usually paints with cool colors....blues, purples, greens, and I think her paintings are beautiful.   But that's not me.  I think it's interesting how each of us is drawn to different color choices.  I'd love to hear what's your favorite.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still Waters (# 8 after Kevin Macpherson)

12 " X 16 " oil on stretched canvas

This was my first attempt to paint water.  I really enjoyed trying to make it look like the trees were reflecting in the lake.  Again, I am trying to learn to paint trees.  My favorite part of the painting is the two pine trees on the left.

I have been so busy in my "other life"  these days, that my only time spent painting is the two classes I take each week.  I have been painting, but not blogging much.  I will try to catch up on some of your work soon!