Friday, February 25, 2011

Pitchers and Lemons

I painted this in response to the challenge on Rookie Painter.   Like several others, I rearranged the vases---primarily because I had a square panel, and I didn't think the original version would fit very well.  I'm okay with the red pitcher, but not too pleased with the blue one.  I kept re-doing it.  But at some point, I have to quit for the day!   The red pitcher was primarily cadmium red light, which I darkened with alizarin crimson and burnt sienna.  I lightened it with cadmium yellow, as I had done with the plums.

This painting is very tight.  The more time I have to paint, the tighter and fussier I get.  I keep talking to myself about it, but I seem to ignore myself.  

 That reminds me of a song from Alice in Wonderland called "Good Advice".    I always thought it was so cute!

8 inch X 8 inch oil on canvas panel

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red Plum Studies

I haven't painted in almost two weeks.  When I squeezed the paints out onto my palette, I had a feeling of greeting old friends.

I decided that since I'm so rusty, I'd try painting some quick studies of a red plum that was in my fruit bowl.   One thing I learned was that I didn't like the effect of lightening the reds with white.  I started using yellow to lighten the reds, and I like that much better.

I really want to thank everyone for all their kind comments while I've been out of the loop.  My husband is getting better each day.  Both of us are still pretty tired, though.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a week!

Last Thursday I drove my husband to the hospital for what we thought would be an overnight stay. He was scheduled to have a stent inserted into a coronary artery.  However, the procedure was not successful.  The cardiologist wasn't able to insert the stent because of all the plaque in the artery.  His artery closed down, and he suddenly had to have an emergency bypass surgery.

So his overnight stay became his (and my) five day stay.  Thank goodness for family and friends who supported us during this scary and tiring event.  I'm happy to say that we are home now, and he is recovering nicely.  We are both still tired, but sooo happy to be home.

I hope to start painting and posting soon.  Thanks for stopping by.   You guys are awesome!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stacked Mugs

I would have wiped this one off, but I already wiped it off once.  Today was one of those days when the voices in my head kept asking me whatever made me think I could learn to paint.  I made every mistake that I have ever made, and I felt like I just couldn't do anything right.  This painting beat me up!

So I quit painting, and I feel better already.  I don't like THIS painting.  But I like some of the ones I have done before this one.    So although I may have lost the round today, I'll be back in the ring tomorrow to give it another go.   But right now, I have to go tend to my black eye!

8 inch by 8 inch oil on canvas panel.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets Par-tay!

I thought these limes looked like they are trying to organize a party.  Maybe for the Super Bowl.

The weather in San Antonio is back to normal.  It's up to about 60 degrees and all the snow has melted.  We had a rare snowfall that closed all the freeways through the city.  Actually, it drizzled first, then snowed, leaving a treacherous sheet of ice on the streets.   The neighborhood kids loved having the day off from school.  There is a small hill in front of our house, and they had fun sliding down the hill on makeshift sleds like plastic garbage can lids and even a laundry basket.   They didn't seem to mind that it was only about 20 degrees.  Yikes.  I stayed indoors and made hot chocolate and baked sweet rolls.

8 inch by 8 inch oil on canvas panel

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Painting Value Study

This is a value study for a new painting  for my weekly class.  My instructor's teaching method is that we make a value study for every painting before we can start painting with color.  It's helpful to me for the drawing part.  I wiped off and redrew the nectarines twice before I got the placement right.  It's much easier to wipe off a value study than part of a painting, at least for me.  I don't have as much invested in it emotionally at that point.

Brr, it's cold.  I don't have enough clothes for this kind of weather.  My heavy sweaters are in a box somewhere in the garage because we are living with my daughter and in the process of building a house.  I didn't want to go out there and rummage around to find them.  I have on more layers than a street person!   Stay warm!

11" by 14" oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Painting Challenge

I painted this in response to the painting challenge on Rookie Painter.   When I saw this challenge , I thought, oh boy apples!   I didn't really complete the vase as I ran out of time and I was trying to complete this in one afternoon.

 I didn't try to paint the old car that Carol Marine had posted for her Daily Paintworks challenge.   Somehow cars don't give me the same happy feeling that apples do.

8 inch X 8 inch oil on canvas panel.