Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gather Around

8 inch by 8 inch oil on canvas panel
(Click on painting to view larger.)

I had about an hour to paint this yesterday afternoon.  I forced myself to use that big brush again.  I like the effect on the plum and the side of the pitcher.  I realized after posting this that the ellipse on the pitcher is wrong.  Oops.  Loved getting to paint again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plate of Figs

When figs first appeared in the market last month, I thought $7.98 a pound was too much to pay.   Now they are more abundant and the price has been reduced, so I bought some to paint.   After I finished painting, I ate them with honey.  Yum.

I used a different brush today, a bright, very stiff.  My usual go-to brush is a filbert, very smooth, and the paint goes on like butter.  But I'm trying to paint more loosely, so I changed my brush.  I liked some of the effects I got, but I found it very difficult to mix paint with the brush.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pears morning light

This is pretty sad.  I think I've forgotten how to paint.  I don't seem to be able to make any grays in my colors.

I left the set up overnight and painted it again this morning.  The light was coming in from a big window.  I have great light here.  I need some more practice!

Pears and blue bowl

My first little painting in over a month!  I would have wiped it off, but I just wanted to get back to painting.  My daughter took the two little boys (my grandsons) to a movie and I had about an hour to get set up and to paint.

I forced myself to use a number 10 brush to try to keep it loose.  The left pear and the blue bowl sort of worked, but I couldn't get the front pear.  After working on it a while, I realized I had picked up a smaller brush and was blending and moving paint around, so I quit.

If you want to see a beautiful pear and blue bowl, look at Nancy Franke's painting,  Leanings.  Gosh that's beautiful.