Thursday, July 5, 2012

Landscape # 11 After Kevin MacPherson

12 inch by 16 inch oil on stretched canvas

This is the second photo session for this painting.  I worked with my camera settings, and I think this version is more true to the actual colors in the painting.

I really enjoyed painting this one.  I loved seeing all the different colors MacPherson used in his trees.  I  feel like I am learning several things by copying these paintings.

For one, I am learning paint mixing.   He uses lots of grays in his paintings, and I've found that I mix big puddles of grays that I use to tone down and mix into other colors to try to get some of the colors in his paintings.

For another, I think I am learning to paint more loosely.  This is something I've struggled with, as my natural tendency has been to be very tight.  I hope I can keep this up!

I've been painting and practicing, but nothing I wanted to post.  A friend of mine is teaching a six-weeks course in portrait painting, which I've been attending.  I can use the practice to improve my drawing skills.  I may post some of the sketches I've done in this class later.

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