Monday, November 14, 2011

Study in grays and brights

12" X 16 " oil  on canvas panel

This is my second painting I have done in my project of painting my way through Kevin MacPherson's book "Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light and Color".  His painting is called "Flaming Maple".

His commentary says, "Grays complement brights.  If everyone is shouting, no one is heard.  If all your colors are bright and intense, nothing stands out."

Graying the colors was the most difficult part of this painting.  His painting looks like there is fog in the distance, so the far trees are just barely visible.  The sky is such a light gray, it is almost white.  I kept having to correct and correct the sky.  I would think it was light enough, then realize it was still too dark.

The meadow area in the background left is a very light gray-green.  I was surprised how light the color looked on my palette, but it was the right color.  Now that I took the photo, I think my tree-trunks on the middle trees look too dark, but they are dark in his painting.  So maybe my foliage there isn't dark enough, rather than the trunks being too dark.

I really want to thank every single person who has visited my blog over the past month.   Our house has been like a convalescence home for a good while.  First my daughter had surgery and I nursed her for two week.  Then I had sinus surgery and moped around for another two weeks.   So I was so cheered by the visits and good wishes!  Thanks again!