Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Value study Apple and Leaf

This was done in today's class.  The instructor had me buy four transparent paints--transparent brown, yellow, red and green.  I used those four colors in the value study.  All the previous value studies I've ever done were with regular paint using burnt umber.  I like the tints of color these paints provide to the value study.

So today wasn't a total loss.   (See today's prior post.)

7" X 9" oil on canvas panel


  1. You're so funny, Virginia! I like the story of your OCD!

    This is a nice value study. I think having a little color makes it more fun.

  2. Virginia, I could USE a little of your OCD! I don't think I ever did a value study that had more than one color! I wouldn't worry too much about loosening up. It'll happen as you get more confidence. Listen to me, like I can paint loosely!
    But you definitely have an innate sense for composition, and if you keep squinting, you'll nail those values, too. Go, Virginia!