Thursday, September 16, 2010

Painted pear

This is my pear from yesterday's painting class.  I took my value study (see September 2nd post), and she had me apply color.  The right side of my pear looked flat--I was using burnt umber, yellow ochre and burnt sienna to try to make it dark.  My instructor told me to add green, and that was it.  The shadow took on dimension.

This is a very classical style of painting, not how I hope ultimately to paint.  But I hope to continue to learn lots, and I LOVE the class.  There are five ladies of approximately my age (plenty-nine I always say).  And they are fun and kind and very nice.  Just what I had hoped for.


  1. Beautiful! Nice background colors, and the pear really stands out with the colors and shape. I like how you're been doing highlights.

  2. I love this pear, Virginia, it's shiness , it's definition, the background.Which kind og green did you add to the right side?I read your blog, and am interested by the advice you give us, from your teacher, they are very useful, thank you.And was upset about your daughter selling her house, when you moved from Austin to be nearer!but maybe they stay in SA,

  3. Sylviane, thank you for visiting my blog. I use a very beautiful green called cadmium green. I added a small amount of it to the mixture I already had made.

  4. Beautiful pear!!! All the delicacy and luminosity of a classical painting. I understand what you mean about not knowing if you'll continue in this style but it's a beautiful way to work as you search. Lovely!

  5. beautiful pear.....trying to do value studies but its not properly going into my mind....
    thanks for following me Virginia.
    take care