Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lemon Study with blue background

This is all I had time to work on yesterday.    My other life gets in the way.   Family and household work still come first.

6" X 6"  oil on paper


  1. Virginia, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, so I could follow you here and see your beautiful paintings!
    Your lemons are as wonderful as your apples...
    I'm about three years away from being able to retire; then I'll be right there with you, painting & playing with grandchildren. :-)
    I'll be back ~

  2. Thanks, DJ. I'll bet your students love you!

  3. I like the way that you handled the background in this lemon painting. Very nicely done with the yellow! Oh, such a difficult color for me to work with and you did it beautifully.

  4. Lovely work Virginia, so happy to have found your blog on Linda Popple's blog. Your subject of the lemon and your beautiful color combination are truly amazing. Well done.

  5. Now I need a glass of lemonade! You captured the highlights perfectly on this piece. Great painting!

  6. Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting. I appreciate every thoughtful comment!