Monday, June 28, 2010

Ya gotta have a sense of humor!

These peppers were beautiful. They glowed under the light. Ya can't tell that from my painting! I'm posting this because when you mess up, you just have to laugh and move on.

This was a set -up in my class last week. Worked on it for two hours, getting increasingly frustrated. Then I brought it home and worked two more hours! When I realized at the end that I was just dabbing on minute specs of paint here and there, I quit.

I learned some things from this painting, though. If it's a bad painting, working and working on it won't fix it. Sometimes you just have to know when to quit and wipe it off.

My daughter Leslie and I were working on the same setup. You can see her beautiful painting here. Her peppers glow!

1 comment:

  1. The orange pepper is very nice, and I like the cast shadow on the wall behind the yellow one!