Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunny Hillside...Painting # 13 after Kevin MacPherson

12 X 16 Oil on Canvas

I loved the trees in the distance in this painting!  I was really happy with the values and range of colors.

However, I'm not really satisfied with the sage bushes in the foreground.  No matter how many times I re-worked them, they don't read correctly to me.  I don't know if it's a value problem or a warm/cool problem, but I just felt I didn't solve it.

Anyway.   I have one more painting to post that is based on MacPherson's book, and then I'm going to try something else.  I intend to start painting some scenes based on my own photos.  I'm a little apprehensive, but I think I'm ready to do this.

I have been in a painting funk for about two months.  I haven't been able to attend my painting class, and I just haven't wanted to pick up my brush at home.

Carol Marine's blog post this morning was just what I needed.   I was having all those same thoughts about not painting, how poor at it I am, and a general reluctance to even start anything new.  It was great to read the thoughts of Carol and others about experiencing artist's block.  Maybe I am an artist.  I have Block!

Thanks to all who have checked on me during this period.  I really appreciate all your kind words and encouragement.


  1. Bonsoir ma chère Virginia,
    Je suis très contente de vous retrouver...
    Peut-être que j'essaierais de foncer en fondant la couleur du sol autour de vos petits arbustes(au-dessus). Cela ferait venir un peu en avant vos buissons et apporterait du contraste.
    Je ne veux nullement vous dire ce qu'il faut faire, vous êtes maître de votre toile... Juste une petite idée qui n'est peut-être pas la bonne ?!...
    J'aime l'atmosphère de cette peinture.
    Gros bisous

  2. Martine says:
    Hello my dear Virginia,
    I am very happy to see you again ...
    Maybe I'll try to darken in color based soil around your small shrubs (above). That would come a little forward and bring your bushes contrast.
    I do not mean to tell you what to do, you are master of your canvas ... Just an idea that may not be the right! ...
    I love the atmosphere of this painting.

  3. Virginia, you have MANY more fantastic paintings in your future! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with your own photo references!! Big hug from Cleveland.

  4. Sorry about the painting funk. This painting is lovely and I am surely looking forward to seeing what you do from your own photos. I know you will do great. I have enjoyed your trip through Kevin's book. Great idea and great project.

  5. Great to see you back Virginia ! I look forward to seeing work from your own photos . After all your terrific studies of Ken MacPherson's work I'm sure you'll do vey well indeed!

  6. Virginia, I commend you for hanging in there and painting, even if you see something that doesn't please you. It takes courage and you have plenty of that. Your honesty in describing your art process is quite refreshing.

  7. Thanks so much for your very kind comment on my blog, Virginia! I'm looking forward to seeing many more of your beautiful paintings in the future-- I just signed on to follow your blog. I enjoyed your write up of the workshops you've attended also!

  8. Hi Virginia! I hope you're feeling a little better about your block. That is the worst, most helpless and frustrating feeling in the world. I do love this painting though, I think the sage bushes read very well, I recognized them right away. They are a familiar sight around here. :)

  9. Virginia! I was wondering about you the other day as you hadn't posted in so long. Glad to have you back. I know I feel like dud alot with my painting. I certainly can relate to having painter's block. Your painting is lovely--so keep at it.

  10. I REALLY love the colors in this painting!