Saturday, February 11, 2012

White on White Challenge

6 inch X 9 inch oil on canvas sheet

I painted this for the DPW weekly challenge.  I thought I was finished several times, but after I'd come back to it I'd see areas that weren't right.

Painting white really is a challenge!  I've been reading the posts from other people who entered, and we all agree it is difficult.  I could see colors in the reference photo, so I tried to bring those into my painting.

I remember in one of my earliest painting classes, I was struggling to make my "floating fruit" sit down on  the table.  My teacher came by and asked, "Why did you put purple in that shadow?  There isn't any purple there."  I dutifully took it out.   Now I put purple in my shadows if I want to!  Heh.


  1. et oui si tu veux, tu choisis la couleur de l'ombre que tu veux faire ...bravo, l'artiste doit s'affirmer même face au professeur! bravo, super travail Virginia.
    bon week end à toi

    1. Cath said:
      and yes if you want, you choose the shadow color you want to do ... well done, the artist must assert itself against the same teacher! Congratulations, great job Virginia.
      good weekend to you

      Virginia says, Thank you Cath for visiting and commenting!

  2. I think you did a great job, Virginia, and I love your cropping so the eye is directed to the eggs and shell.

  3. That's funny. I use purple too. I like these whites, and very nice shaping.

  4. You nailed this challenge. Love it.