Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pears and blue bowl

My first little painting in over a month!  I would have wiped it off, but I just wanted to get back to painting.  My daughter took the two little boys (my grandsons) to a movie and I had about an hour to get set up and to paint.

I forced myself to use a number 10 brush to try to keep it loose.  The left pear and the blue bowl sort of worked, but I couldn't get the front pear.  After working on it a while, I realized I had picked up a smaller brush and was blending and moving paint around, so I quit.

If you want to see a beautiful pear and blue bowl, look at Nancy Franke's painting,  Leanings.  Gosh that's beautiful.


  1. Virginia, I think you've done a lovely job. The colors are fresh and summery. Thanks for introducing me to Nancy Franke, always love to find new artists:)

  2. Le travail de Nancy est merveilleux, mais le vôtre ma chère Virginia est loin d'être inférieur... Vous êtes l'une et l'autre différentes. Votre écriture (votre touche) vous est propre et c'est ce qui est formidable...
    Vos nuances de jaunes sont lumineux et extraordinaires. J'aime ce contraste avec les tons bleus du bol... Une très belle exécution de jolis reflets... Bravo!
    Gros bisous.

  3. Love these pears. The blue bowl just sets them off.